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Salmon with champagne sauce and asparagus


If cooking in the oven, use a medium or large Bakewell bag and preheat oven to the required time. If you wish to use the microwave we recommend using a Bakewell microwave bag for steaming, which are excellent to cook fish in.


Turn down the ends of the bag several times to help hold the bag open for when you place the food inside.


Place your fish, into the bag along with lemon juice, white wine asparagus and seasoning.


Put the bag into the oven or microwave. If your using an oven make sure to position on a baking tray in the middle of the oven ensuring it doesn’t touch the oven sides or heating element.


Cook the fish in the oven for approximately 6-7 minutes or microwave for 3.5 minutes until the fish is firm to the touch.


Make the sauce- Put the champagne (or white wine) into a pan with fish stock and seasoning, simmering until reduced by half.


Cut the bag open carefully using a scissors, taking caution with the hot steam escaping.


Place fish and asparagus on a warmed plate, pour some champagne sauce over the fish and vegetables. Serve with fresh salad and new potatoes.

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